BTS’ Jin to limit performance during ‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS’ concerts


The ARMY had been very excited to see the whole band of BTS together on the stage in LAS VEGAS. The most awaited moment which everybody had been eagerly waiting for is ‘BTS permission to dance on stage- LAS VEGAS’ concerts. Unfortunately, the ARMY had to be fed with a piece of disappointing news about the injury faced by one of the members of BTS.


A statement has been released by BigHit MUSIC announcing that JIN being one of the most talented members of the boy band BTS will not be able to perform much on stage during his LA VEGAS in full, as he got injured and had an injury in his index finger for which\\ he had to undergo through a minor surgery and due to which he is in a recovery period. According to the sources, JIN will be given fewer moves in his dance and his choreography will be simple for his comfort in view of JIN’S medical advice given by the experts his stage performance will be as such that it could be limited to a certain extent.


Another statement was released by the company on 19 of march sharing the news that JIN the eldest member of the band had an injury to his index finger and he went to the hospital on 18 of march. Doctors reported that JIN had a minor injury and had to go under surgery due to the partial injury he got during his daily activities which rupture the tendons of his fingers and the surgery took place on the same day. According to the sources, the surgery was successful and JIN got discharged from the hospital the very next morning i.e on 19 of march with a plaster in his hand which will help his hand to be stable and will help in a speedy recovery.


It was reported from the agency that JIN himself wanted to participate fully on stage but had to take precautions and follow the doctor’s advice for his full and speedy recovery.


When the statement was released online the whole internet was flooded with wishes by the ARMY with ‘get well soon’ messages wishing Mr most talented Handsome a speeding recovery. A fan wrote, “Awww Jin, don’t worry just you being on stage is enough. Recovery is the most important thing.”


Where is the performance of BTS taking place?

The performance of BTS  is taking place in LAS VEGAS.

When did JIN meet with the injury?

JIN met with an injury on 18 March.

When was JIN hospitalized?

JIN met with an injury on 18 of march and he had to undergo a minor surgery on the very same day.

What injury did JIN had?

JIN had an injury in his index finger where the tendons of his fingers got ruptured.

What have been advised to JIN?

JIN had been advised to take rest and will be given less moves in his performance for his full and speedy recovery.

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