BTS Jimin Death Threats: Is Jimin Alright?

Jimin is one of the members of the most popular South Korean boy band BTS. He is one of the cutest members of the group. Jimin has an introverted type personality and is very particular about his face. His cute face had attracted many people, and he himself had to face a lot of problems. BTS Jimin had faced a lot of death threats.

In the year 2018, Jimin received a death threat from an anonymous user from Texas stating that he’ll kill him. The police of Texas and Big Hit were notified about this and they took immediate action and had to put a red alert for Jimin.

This was not the first time that Jimin was facing all these problems. Back in 2017, a person had uploaded a lot of unethical and abusive graphical content with the status that he will kill Jimin during the live BTS concert. This was so shocking and saddening for everyone to see.

Jimin didn’t get demotivated and opened up about what he felt after seeing all that and what was he feeling at that moment in front of everyone in the press conference for the BTS billboard music awards.

Jimin expressed by saying that he was shocked to hear about another death threat, the second death threat since last year. However, he was more worried for the fans than himself because they will be way more affected than him.

He also expressed that he will not let anyone stop him, torture him or let him stray away from his goals in life. He said that he trust his companions and his staff, that they will do anything to keep him safe and protect him from any harm ever possible.

He also stated that he was very exhausted and drained after receiving his first threat but his fans had made him go forward and are always there for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jimin?

Jimin is a South Korean singer, he is a part of the band BTS.

How can someone give BTS Jimin death threats?

Jimin is one of the most popular boys from BTS. He has a lot of fans who admire him and are desperate to meet him but on the other hand, there are people who are there to make him feel bad and those are the people who are trying to bring him down by giving death threats.

Who was the person who gave death threats to Jimin?

The person is yet not known, according to the reports it’s just an anonymous person who did all that.

Do you think that the death threats for Jimin are justified?

No, it is very wrong for a person to do that no matter how much you hate a particular person, but threatening his life is really bad and cannot be justified.

How many members of the BTS have received death threats?

RM was the first to receive a death threat later Jimin and V too received threats.

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