BTS J-hope at Lollapalooza: Some Favorite Army Moments

J-Hope of the group BTS went on stage as the headliner of Lollapalooza in the United States and captivated tens of thousands of spectators. After finishing his solo stage safely, he said, “I’m proud of myself.”

BTS J-Hope at lollapalooza appeared as a headliner held at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA at 10:50 am on the 1st (Korea time). J-Hope is the first Korean artist to decorate the main stage at major American music festivals.

‘Lollapalooza’ is a large-scale outdoor music festival held every year in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It has a 30-year history with top global stars such as Paul McCartney, Metallica, and Coldplay appearing. Also Read: Jimin’s apartment seized, privacy compromised

On this day, J-Hope appeared on stage by jumping from a high podium. Tens of thousands of fans gathered at the scene even before J-Hope appeared and could not hide their excited expressions as they chanted J-Hope. After his appearance, J-Hope received enthusiastic applause from fans by digesting his solo song with a charismatic appearance.

J-Hope also performed the BTS song ‘Dynamite’. On the stage of ‘Dynamite’ arranged in a remix version of J-Hope, he appeared with several dancers, turning it into a fun atmosphere. As the prelude to ‘Dynamite’ flowed, the audience cheered loudly, and as soon as the song started, they performed ‘Team Sing’. In the members’ song section, J-Hope danced with the dancers and heated up the atmosphere of the set.

J-hope at Lollapalooza

Not only that, but American singer Becky, who sang J-Hope’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ together, also climbed. The two made the audience excited by decorating the stage of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ together for the first time in three years. The two performed while shaking their bodies, and after finishing the stage, they hugged and expressed their delight. Also Read: Luxury BTS house in Korea, BTS’ million-dollar property

In addition to these stages, J-Hope performed ‘More’, ‘Pandor’s Box’, ‘Baseline’, ‘Always’, ‘P.O.P’, ‘Equal’, ‘Stop’, ‘Blue Side’, ‘Safety Zone’, ‘What If’, ‘Fire’, ‘Music’. He communicated with the audience by singing ‘Box: Reflection’, ‘Daydream’, ‘Go’, ‘Hope World’, ‘Just Dance’, and ‘Future’.

J-Hope sang songs from the recently released ‘Jack in the Box’ but caused a crowd at the scene. In addition, on the stage background display board, the statue of King Sejong the Great and Namsan in Gwanghwamun was shown, and they played a role in promoting Korean culture.

The on-site audience cheered and cheered on even each small gesture of J-Hope, and they were absorbed in capturing J-Hope’s appearance with their mobile phone. Some fans drew attention by holding up a Hangul placard that reads ‘Hoseok-ah’ and cheering. Also Read: Who is the Richest BTS Member? Army got shocked after knowing!

Ahead of the last song, J-Hope said, “It’s a meaningful moment. He added, “Through this album, all my schedules became blood and flesh and seeing Lollapalooza, ARMY, and the public once again gave me a firm belief,” he added. He also showed tears in his eyes, saying, “Many schedules were a series of fears, but nonetheless, it is a meaningful moment.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to J-hope’s performance:

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