BTS In The Soop, Is Season 3 Coming?

BTS originally debuted as Bangton Sonyeondan which means Bulletproof Boys Scouts now, it is changed into Beyond The Scene. BTS is a South Korean seven members band which is formed by big hit entertainment. The band is becoming so popular that people who don’t know anything about BTS are also listening to their music.

BTS in the soop also known as In the soop, In the soop BTS ver. The word ‘Soop’ in Korean means forest. They spend their vaccinations in the forest and it was a period of resting and doing day-to-day activities and playing a number of games. Reality series is the genre of this show. The writer of the show is Lee Yoo-ri. BTS in the soop has 2 seasons. The show is directed by Park Jun-soo, Kim Hyang-mi, Lee Yoo-jin, Kim Kyung-won. BTS in the soop is in the Korean language. The cast of the show is (rapper) RM, (vocal) Jin,(rapper) Suga,(rapper) J-Hope,(vocal)Jimin,(vocal) Jungkook, and in the second season, Bam (Jungkook’s dog has also been cast).

BTS in the soop season 1 was premiered on 4 August 2020. Total 8 episodes were there in season 1 each episode is of 60 minutes in JTBC and 70-80 minutes in the weverse app. The locations where the series was produced were Lake 192, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. The episode follows the group for 4 days in the private villa in the mountains. Also Read: Is BTS going to the Military enlistment?

BTS In The Soop Season 1

Episode Title Date

Ep. 1. Excited to began. 19 August 2020
Ep. 2. Free time. 26 August 2020
Ep. 3. Memories of a rainy day. 2 September 2020
Ep. 4. Farewell for now. 10 September 2020
Ep. 5. Back to the forest. 16 September 2020
Ep. 6. Together and on their own. 23 September 2020
Ep. 7. BTS cooking challenge. 30 September 2020
Ep. 8. Back to our everyday life. 7 October 2020

The JTBC version contains 4 episodes. The weverse version contained extended footage and covered five episodes, the last one of which was exclusively on the platform and aired on November 12.

BTS In The Soop

In season 2 new member joins the series that is Jungkook’s dog. It was premiered on 15 October 2021. The locations where the series was produced were Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. In weverse, the episode is released every Friday. Behind-the-scenes footage from season 2 was released. Total there were 6 episodes. And aired on 17 November 2021. Whereas, the last episode is yet on telecasted on television. Also Read: BTS working hard on their choreography for the Army

BTS In The Soop Season 2

Episode Title Date

Ep. 1. Again in the soop 15 October 2021
Ep. 2. Fly to in the soop with BTS 22 October 2021
Ep. 3. The most beautiful moment in life, around
The table together 29 October 2021
Ep. 4. BTS universe 5 November 2021
Ep. 5. Permission to BTS 12 November 2021

In season 1, episode 1 has the highest-ranking and episode 8 has the lowest ranking.

In season 2, episode 1 has the highest-ranking and episode 2 has the lowest ranking.


Which members of the BTS were in the soop?

Rm (rapper), Jin (vocal), Suga (rapper), J-Hope (rapper), Jimin (vocal), Jungkook (vocal), and in the second season Jungkook’s dog Bam has also been cast.

What is BTS ?

BTS (Bangton boys) is a South Korean seven members band that was formed by Big Hit entertainment.

What is “BTS in the soop?”

BTS in the soop is basically a reality series which is originated in South Korea and is in the Korean language. In this series, all the BTS members go on a vacation and play games, enjoy a lot and cook food.

What is the number of episodes in both seasons of BTS in the Soop?

There are 8 episodes in season 1 and 6 episodes in season 2.

Who is the writer of the show, “BTS in the soop”?

Lee Yoo-ri is the writer of the show.

BTS in the soop 1 season 1 show was premiered on?

4 August 2020.

Season 2 of BTS In The Soop was premiered on?

15 October 2021.

What is the running time of the show?

60 minutes in JBTC, 70 – 80 minutes in the weverse app.

Who are the executive producers?

Bang Si-hyuk , Lenzo Yoon

The show was produced under which companies?

Big hit, Big hit three-sixty seasons 1, and Hype 360 season 2.

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