BTS Hard Choreography Music Performances

Jin, from the widely known Kpop boy band, once said that they practiced more than 10 hours a day. In an interview he shared that while working on an album they practice at least 7 to more than 10 hours a day. Like every other Kpop band BTS have different choreographies for their songs, so they need to master the choreographies of different songs and bring perfection to them. This is nothing compared to what they’ve gone through in the beginning during their debut era. They used to practice 12 to 15 hours a day, RM, the leader of the group, stated. They do the same choreography over and over again to gain perfection. BTS hard choreography music performances make their Music Videos special and that is why Army love them.

There are 7 members so; it has to be kept in mind that they need immaculate coordination too. They have posted their dance practice videos in their official YouTube channel BANGTANTV. They even post different versions of the same dance as different dance practices. As any other Kpop band BTS as well performs their choreographies in their concerts while singing their songs which really needs a lot of practice. Also Read: What is Wooga Squad? Who are the members of the squad?

In the group, only 4 of them are officially dancers or the members who were trained in dancing except for V, who became the part of the official dance line in 2018 after his solo, Singularity, came out. The 4 take great pressure on them when it comes to dancing as they re the part of official dance line. Especially, J-Hope who’s the dance leader of the group, he takes the responsibility of teaching them many times while they’re on tour or anything like that. 

Here are different proofs of their hard work paying off.


BTS Idol dance choreography

This is a picture from their dance practice video of song called Idol. This picture speaks for itself. The members are up in the air at the same time, jumping at the same height and staying there for the same duration of time. The whole dance practice video will show you how they perform the whole dance in sync.


BTS Hard Choreography

If i as you in general how many people you see in this particular picture, you might say 5 but, if you see this picture in an attentive way, you’ll notice that there are 6 of the member in this picture. That is how much preciseness they bring to their dances that you couldn’t even see the person behind without paying attention. Also Read: Why didn’t BTS win Grammy


BTS Fire Dance Hard Choreography

In a lot of their songs, the BANGTAN BOYS involve dance breaks which are eye teasers for sure. In their song called Fire (burn it up), they have an iconic dance break with some crazy foot work and coordination. The energy brought by them in this choreography is unmatchable.


Fake Love Video

This is yet another an amazing choreography of BTS’s song fake love. This dance involves a lot of strong pops and they’ve showed a strong performance every time they did this dance. As I mentioned, this dance involves popping. Popping is a dance form that cannot be done, if you’re not trained in it. So this choreography demanded a lot of practice from them that now, result in a very strong and powerful performance by them every time they go on the stage with this song choreography.


We are Bulletproof Pt 2

This picture says it all. This one is also one of them BTS’s dance breaks which are iconic. In the picture you can see Jimin doing a flip and JHope is doing a stretch knee drop. JHope said that while practicing this dance choreography his knees literally bled instead of wearing knee pads. This is the dance break that involves the iconic cap trick between Jimin and Jungkook. The official dance line of that time performed their solos in the dance break.


Black Swan MV


This is another piece of art by the BANGTAN BOYS. The choreography in this song is classical. They dance barefoot in this choreography. The amount of practice taken to perfect this song choreography is a lot that shows in the performance every time they perform. Jimin got to show off his skills a lot in the music video as he is specialized in contemporary. Also Read: BTS Spring Day Lyrics in English and Hangul


Dope MV Choreography

Dope is one the fastest choreography of BTS. This dance involves sharp, quick and small movement which makes it hard to coordinate, especially when there are 7 people performing it. Despite of its fast choreography BTS has done an amazing job in doing the choreography with at most perfection. You need to realize it is really hard to do multiple quick movements which are small or not that big. But BTS has not disappointed with their work in the video.


BTS Hard choreographyThe song I need u have choreography with a unique hand and foot coordination. And they’ve obviously shown us them being one body as they dance. They bring such coordination that is only brought able after a ton of practice.


Blood, sweat, tears mv


Another example of BTS’s spectacular coordination being shown by them by being up in the air at the exact same time and at the exact height. The special thing in this picture, as you see is the symmetry. The symmetry in this choreography is insane.


Dance Video BTS

This performance is one of the best BTS choreographies. The ON kinetic manifest film specifically shows of their dancing skills. The passion they put into this can be seen through the expressions in their faces in this picture. All the members have their parts in this performance. The members who are not in the official dance has shown their incredible dancing as well.

These are just a few example of how perfect BTS’s dance performances are and all the credit lays in their determination and the hard work they put in every single dance they perform.

The members other than those are a part of the official dance line of BANGTAN SONYEONDAN are better dancers than half of the professionals out there which is again a result of all their hard work. There are many other dances they have perform like spring day, boy with luv, boy in luv, Dionysus, boys with fun, butterfly etc. Also Read: Luxury million-dollar BTS house in Korea. 


Who are the members of official dance line in BTS?

Jungkook, Jimin, JHope, and V are the official dance line of BTS. Jungkook, Jimin and JHope were the former dance line. They were the only ones trained in dancing before BTS’s debut.

Who is the dance leader of BTS?

JHope is the dance leader of BTS. He was formerly in an underground dance group in his birth city. He is a versatile dancer specialized in popping, rocking, breaking, in short hip-hop.

When did V join the official dance line?

V was not a part of the official dance line before 2018. He was declared to be a part of the official dance line with existing members Jungkook, Jimin, and JHope after his solo Singularity.

Who choreographed ON kinetic manifesto film of BTS?

Sienna, a US based choreographer and dancer choreographed BTS’s ON kinetic manifesto film.

When did BTS debut?

BTS debuted on 12 April 2013 with 4 vocalist and 3 rappers. They originally debuted as BANGTAN SONYEONDAN which in English translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They now changed it into Beyond the Scene.

Who is the main singer of BTS?

Jungkook is the main singer of BTS with Jimin being the lead singer. Jungkook is also known as the king of adlibs as he’s responsible for the adlibs in their songs. He is the one who records their demo songs as in, he records the whole song on his own at first and provides a song guide to the other members. Jimin is also seen hitting the highest notes in BTS along with Jin as they both have a high pitched voice.

What does BTS stands for?

They originally debuted as BANGTAN SONYEONDAN which in English translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They now changed it into Beyond the Scene.

How many rappers are there in the group BTS?

There are 3 rappers in the group, RM, Suga and JHope. RM and Suga were already active rappers in the Korean underground rap scene before they auditioned for Bight entertainment and became a part of BTS. JHope was an underground dancer before joining BTS. He actually started rapping after he joined BTS.

Who started BTS?

BTS was a group under Bighit entertainment who was started by Bang Si Hyuk better known as Bang Pd. He resigned from the position of being the CEO of the company in 2021.

Who are the vocalists in the group BTS?

There are 4 vocalists in BTS, the main singer, Jungkook, the lead singer, Jimin and the other two vocalists Jin and V. Jin was 20 or 21 years old when he really took to singing. He wanted to be an actor at first.

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