BTS Fun Facts: Must Known For the Army!

BTS as in Bangtan Soneyadan a Korean boy band of 7 members, 7 normal boys who are making extraordinary records and have reached globally and won the hearts of millions. So here are some of the BTS fun facts and stories:

Suga AKA Min Yoongi kept a difficult passcode for his studio so that no one could enter it, and then he himself forgot the passcode and sat there beside the door thinking about what his passcode was. But the fun part doesn’t end here; the other members imitated Suga and sat around him in the same position. Still, there is one more part, that is, Jungkook knew the passcode and yet he didn’t ruin the whole fun and also imitated Suga.

BTS Fun Fact
Yoongi waiting outside his studio

If V AKA Kim Taehyung is unable to sleep, he will read a book and fall asleep while reading because the book has a lot of letters that will make him lazy. Well, it’s just our V but many of us feel the same, if we are watching some movie or series we won’t feel drowsy, but if we start to read we immediately feel drowsy. Also, V doesn’t like to wear shoes and feels more comfortable without them and we can see him removing his footwear in many such reels or videos.

BTS V does not like wearing shoes
V doesn’t like wearing shoes

When in an interview all the members were asked as to what they can’t live without, and all the members gave answers to the question, but the funniest and obvious one was Jungkook’s and the answer being ‘air’, yes basically it’s not wrong.

Suga once said that he had heard Jin AKA Kim Seokjin sing ‘I like it’ in his sleep. Jin said that he felt like the taste of the plaster was like the taste of the afterworld when he had kissed the statue in Blood Sweat Tears.

RM AKA Kim Namjoon is a very clumsy person almost every ARMY knows, he may break many things, and when his members started to playfully comment on his breaking one or the other thing he promised them that he will try not to break anything anymore and would rather break the music world with their inspiring songs, and guess what, he is fulfilling the promise.

JHope AKA Jung Hoseok was asked to write down the member’s ages properly, JHope just for fun wrote Suga’s age as 50 and Jin’s age as 18, obviously, it was just for the fun and the members know that well.

BTS Fun Facts
BTS J-Hope getting confused about date

Jimin has a habit of dancing or moving along with the music no matter where the location. He also when laughs cannot see anything and his eyes get closed; he himself said so when other members were making him laugh. Even though he has a tendency to fall off the chair while laughing mostly, his core is so strong that he can sit properly without any chair.

So these are some of the BTS Fun Facts that are cute and hilarious. Hope the army found it interesting and got to know about their favorite BTS boys even more.

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