BTS Favorite Color: Know BTS Members Favorite Color

BTS is also known as ‘Bangtan Boys’ is a South Korean boy band. BTS  made its fortune through its music, album sales, concerts, merchandise, and brand deals. Their April 2019 album, “Map of the Soul: Persona,” sold nearly 3.4 million copies within a month and set a record high in South Korea. They’ve also signed endorsement deals and partnerships with brands like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, and Puma. The group turns anything they touch into a major success with their hard work and passion.

The members of the group BTS are:-

  • RM
  • V
  • J-HOPE
  • SUGA
  • JIN

The boys have gained a lot of fans and love. People are so desperate to know about each and every detail about them so here we have BTS favorite color which is one of the most searched questions on google.

In every interview, these boy names different colors, especially when it comes to dying their hair.

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J-Hope is a South Korean singer and is a part of the boy band BTS. J-Hope’s favorite color is green and it has never changed in all over the years, he thinks that the green color is a sign of peace and hope.


There was an interview with J-14 Magazine in which it was stated that JIN’S  current favorite color is blue at the moment although his favorite color used to be pink. According to the sources, JIN thinks that blue brings a sense of relief to his mind.


In the same interview of J-14 Magazine, the question was asked from Rm his reply was that his favorite colors are Black, Pink, and Purple.


According to K-Profiles, Jungkook’s favorite color is black. Jungkook told that he likes the black color it suits him and makes him look even way better. Also Read: BTS skincare routine revealed


 V’s favorite color is Gray.


The favorite colors of Jimin are blue and black.


 The favorite color of Suga is white.


What is the favorite color of Suga?

The favorite color of Suga is White.

What is the favorite color of Jungkook?

The favorite color of Jungkook is black.

What is JIN’s current favorite color?

JIN’s current favorite color is Blue.

What color represent BTS?

The color purple represents BTS.

Why does the color purple have significance on BTS?

V is a South Korean singer and is a part of the BTS. He explained that the color purple is a part of the rainbow and signifies love and peace to all.

Who gave the statement ‘ I PURPLE YOU’?

V told his fans, “I purple you” in a concert when the light shaded the entire crowd with purple color.

What were the exact words of V explaining the color purple?

V exclaimed that purple is the last color of the rainbow colors and it means that I trust and love you for a long time

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