No wonder K-POP has been spreading in every corner of the globe this genre had a separate fan base. BTS BUTTER still tops the billboard top 100 list.

BUTTER song is purely an English track that has catchy lyrics and a melting rhythm that perfectly suits the title of the song. This comes under the k-pop genre with additional remix versions like cooler & hotter versions. Since the first announcement by the HYBE LABELS the teaser, promo, concept photos of this butter had already caught the attention of music lovers and K-pop fans so from the beginning BTS BUTTER is a sensation.

Music lovers across the world had liked this single so insanely and made this track a global hit and a sensation of course BTS gave the perfect summer track to all Army fans.

Do you know this wasn’t the first song for BTS to stay No:1 on billboard charts for so many weeks previously ‘DYNAMITE’ hit the billboard for several weeks and won BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARD FOR TOP SELLING SONG 2021, and many more regional and global awards.

Standing top at 1 for Consecutive 7 weeks is not a joke !!!

Here’s the record of BUTTER which is released by the HYBE/Big Hit which has 10.8 million US streams 29.1 radio airplay by Columbia music. Also tops the digital songs sales and air plays. This was the longest-running NO:1 song by the k-pop idols definitely the SUPERSTARS.

It currently enters the pop airplay top 10 on mainstream and top 40 on radio-based chart after DYNAMITE.

Fans of K-pop and the BTS Army describe the ‘ DYNAMITE ‘ as KING and now the ‘ BUTTER ‘ as QUEEN likewise they are in top position in the music industry and still standing in same.


What makes Butter stand top on Billboard charts?

Yeah, BUTTER is especially known most popular for its  Retro style Theme by the BTS group and has the very cool choreography and its lyrics just drove back the listeners to another world. They brought stylish and romantic vibes with that lyrics, beats, and music.

Every member of the BTS has very special costumes that all looked so well and stylish their swag just reminded the MICHAEL JACKSON. It is so perfectly composed by RM (NAMJOON) & JIMIN.

With all these special qualities, one more special thing about this is KOREAN BAND SINGING IN ENGLISH. as we know it is completely in English like DYNAMITE the foreign listeners had just loved the track. Many of the BTS fans and ARMY wait to see that their favorite bias is to speak in English and sing in English.

In the history of the BILLBOARD BUTTER was the 8TH song to stand still in 1ST place for 7 consecutive weeks. We should definitely appreciate the BTS FANDOM here. Without then this wouldn’t have happened. STREAMING DIGITALLY and making trends on Twitter etc they have made this a  big whistle-blowing track for BTS.

Bts Billboard chart history : 

As we know now BUTTER hits on top before butter BTS has the place in BILLBOARD CHARTS  for several positions including top 1 in hot 100 charts.


AT TOP 1 .DYNAMITE (9-26-2020)


AT TOP 1 . LIFE GOES ON (12-25-2020)


AT TOP 3 . FILM OUT (4-17-2021)

AT TOP 15. BLUE & GREY (12-05-2020)

So next to BTS stands Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U”  and in 3rd  Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” featuring DaBaby continues to be in constant.

Now next to this  BTS latest single ‘Permission to Dance’ is on the list to hit the chart at top 1.

By the way here is some interesting news  …. SUGA is a secret crystal gazer who always knows the fortune and future of the BTS among all the group members. SUGA swag is different and he is also known as savage Suga, now you may wonder why this is going towards SUGA suddenly!

Yeah coming to the point that every time when someone asks SUGA that what he wants or what he is willing to see in the future for BTS or to himself he does always tells that their songs and album to hit the billboard top 1,… see it happened, not only this he also said that they want to perform for Grammy. And they did, they did nominate for GRAMMY too… in a recent interview, after butter success, JIMIN too mentioned that they want to be the BILLBOARD no1 artists. so they are now.

This is all happened not just because they told that but because they worked so very hard and got to this position. Kudos to their determination towards their passion & dream. They don’t sit quietly on being in NO 1 position they are in competition for themselves now. I wish to see them in NO1 always and forever.


What is Billboard?

The billboard charts are the music records that are kept standard in the music industry in the USA. This is where the songs published in the BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, which are given some rankings based on its digital sales nondigital sales, and also on online streaming.

Who wrote BUTTER?

RM (NAMJOON )  & JIMIN are the composers.

When did BTS enter into BILLBOARD?

In 2015 with the MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE PART 2 is in the top 200 in the chart in NO: 171 positions.

How the positions of the song are given on billboards?

The  entire run on rankings depends on how the song performs on the digital platform and non-digital platforms along with the online streams

Are the billboard records are genuine?

Completely the billboard records are genuine. the rankings get changed weekly depending on the performance of the particular song as said it has to reach the listeners.

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