BTS Bon Voyage, Top Moments That Will Fill Your Heart With Love

Eight years since BTS officially debuted into the K-pop music scene, they’ve earned large fandom (collectively called ‘ARMY’) and have propelled themselves into international superstardom. Bon Voyage is BTS’ travel series with each season filmed in a new location. . The reality features the members of BTS traveling around the world. It shows them in everyday situations that every traveler encounters and offers a unique insight into members’ lives. They adventure through various cities and the activities that their team has laid out for them.

Each season shows how they grow from clueless tourists to experienced travelers, and it’s a truly heartwarming experience to watch.

Bon Voyage Season 1: BTS in Northern Europe

The first season aired on July 5, 2016, took place in Norway, Sweden, and Finland for over 10 days, and it was a gift for their third anniversary.

Bon Voyage

 It was their first trip with no work involved, they had to handle everything themselves without any help from staff. They have to experience themselves when it comes to v he had to fly alone due to his schedule.

As soon as they get down from the airport bus on the way to their hostel, Jimin walked off to admire the scenery and completely forgot to get his suitcase from the bus storage. After 10 min he gets to remember that he’s having a suitcase by the time the airport bus already left.

RM helped to call the consulate and airport bus company and tell Jimin to go alone to wait for the right bus and pick up his missing suitcase.

In that situation also Jimin had no worry about his suitcase and when Suga asked to pose for a picture he did it with no tension

but the funniest part was him mourn over his underwear being in the luggage, Jungkook saying, “you can just wash your underwear at night.” After getting the suitcase they went hotel to take a rest

V joined on the second day, they Travelled to Norway.

V had forgotten his bag – with his money and passport in it – at a restaurant during one of their side trips in Norway. , the camera crew had hidden it as a prank.

Bon Voyage

With the other members in on the joke, they began discussing what his options were and even had RM pretend to call the embassy. Eventually, the discussion fell into an explosive argument between V and Jin,  when in said either all of us should stop filming and go back or to leave him. V exclaiming he’ll just go home and walking off… only to return minutes later with his bag in hand!

As it turned out, he had caught on to their prank halfway through, and to get his revenge, double-crossed the members by pretending to storm off. Peak acting from both V and Jin in that scene!

RM lose his passport in Sweden.

Bon Voyage

For a while, it looked like there was still hope as he got travel documents from the Korean embassy. Later on, however, as they were enjoying their cruise to Finland, he and the members were informed that those documents would not be honored at the border and that he’d need to fly back to Korea.

It was pretty devastating because they all looked so bummed out that they wouldn’t be able to finish the trip as a complete group. The members were sad cause RM is leaving behind.

Next, the members headed to the sauna, their experience at the traditional Finnish sauna was just too funny.

Bon Voyage

What started as a relaxing session in the sauna room turned into friendly competitions to determine who would have to go into the freezing cold lake

What did jin lose?

His patients because everyone kept losing things, J-Hope lost their cable car tickets, SUGA thought he lost his iPad, and they all lost track of Jungkook for a few minutes when he disappeared to take photos.

Bon Voyage Season 2: BTS in Hawaii

Wings tour in 2017, BTS was able to take a short 9-day holiday in Hawaii!

Bon Voyage

The theme of this Bon Voyage season was “friendship” so they often spent time separately in order to “build up” their friendship: V and SUGA, RM and J-Hope, and Jin with Jungkook and Jimin.

The members were going to the outdoor shopping mall. Jungkook decided to give every member a “solo performance”, following them around with a camera and blasting a song from his portable speakers.

when he tried to pull this off on SUGA, who was chilling with his iced coffee and absolutely did not want any part of it.

Bon Voyage

Despite the multiple cameras being waved around in his face, SUGA didn’t even budge.

In the Behind Cut for this episode, we’re also treated to the gem of Jimin jokingly putting money into Jungkook’s hat as he sat singing on a bench – only for Jungkook to snatch it up and run away with it at top speed.

Taehyung danced to Justin Bieber where are you now song

The boys took a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center

V, Jimin, j-hope danced hula dance. Jungkook randomly screaming at the top of his lungs,  they went around and changed their names.

J-Hope became J-Dope, Jin became Bread Genie, Jungkook was Justin Seagull, Jimin became J-Move, SUGA became Yeon Kimin, and the most iconic of them all: RM’s Porrrrrnesian Parrrrrapio. The confused shock on Jin’s face was *chef’s kiss*.

Bon Voyage

V accidentally spilling juice all over Jungkook and turning it into a life lesson with the “that’s just the way it is” line despite Jungkook’s death glare.

Bon Voyage

The boys were asked to write letters to another member that they would be reading out loud on the end-of-trip cruise. When that time came, we were treated to one of the most heartwarming interactions between them as all of the letters were overflowing with memories, expressions of love, and overwhelming gratitude for being a friend and inspiration. One particularly tear-jerking moment was when V read his letter for Jimin, who we all know to be his dearest friend in the group.

V mentioned how grateful he was to always be on the “receiving end” of Jimin’s care and how he was thankful to be able to debut with a friend who understands him “though lacking”.

Jimin responded that he was lucky to have a friend like V, which caused V to burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

Bon Voyage Season 3: BTS in Malta

The third season aired on September 18, 2018, took place in Malta, Europe.

Bon Voyage

The boys head back to Europe for Bon Voyage season 3 – but this time on the Southern end to the beautiful island country of Malta!

Due to personal reasons v was late to trip, the six members traveled, they faced a lot of difficulties to find their living place, at lastly they found the place, they shared the room by playing like going one by one only Jungkook got a single room, j-hope, Rm shared a room and jin, Suga, Jimin shared a room

Bon Voyage

 The members went to scuba diving and other activities, the members went for lunch, suddenly SUGA had to leave mid-trip as well – which meant they would have barely a day together as a complete group. When V finally arrives in his signature boxy smile when he sees the others at their meeting place.

Jungkook is the first to spot him coming and as soon as he exclaims “Taehyung is here!”, the others immediately crane their necks and whip their heads around to find him. They exchange various greetings, with J-Hope even giving him a hug and a quick kiss on the head.

On Jungkook and SUGA’s friendship night, SUGA decided to hit the hay early, leaving Jungkook with a flippant “do what you want”. They made their friendship sign what is friendship called “Irish bomb”.

 Jungkook took the words to heart and sought permission from a small group of buskers to join them for one song 

Bon Voyage

Upon hearing that their Jungkook was going to busk, Jin and J-Hope ran to show their support.

 A few nights later, V gathered the courage to give his own short performance on the streets of Valletta, this time to Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning.

BTS dressed up nicely, expecting a special dinner – but their production crew had another trick up their sleeve.

The members were visibly nervous when they alighted from the car in front of what seemed like an empty construction lot… only to realize that their special dinner would be taking place on a platform some 40 meters in the air.

After getting over the initial shock and fear, they did end up enjoying themselves. They took turns reading letters they had written to themselves prior, and it was yet another tear-jerking session for the viewers as they each talked about their hardships and questioned their happiness (made even more heartbreaking when you realize later on that this was the time that they were considering disbanding!).

In the end, Jimin asked that they applaud their leader RM who Jimin said when they suffered, RM suffered more.


Bon Voyage Season 4: BTS in New Zealand

The four-season aired on November 19, 2019, and took place in New Zealand yet another gorgeous destination that many of them had on their travel bucket list.

Bon Voyage

Although due to issues jin had to travel separately they met landed same time with 2 hours gap, they went to rent a camping van and SUV.

They used to constantly struggle to stay within their assigned budget but now, they were taking turns to pay for meals and pit-stop shopping trips for everyone; they were driving everywhere on their own. As there was decode to climb mountain after reaching some point they decide one person should go into the ice and they played rock, papers and scissors Suga was failed so he has to go Jimin also came front to go with Suga.

J-Hope left behind

Bon Voyage

While RM is incredibly stressed with work pending for the then-tobe released, Map of the Soul: 7, we see how the members help make him feel better throughout the trip.On their second day, the boys were just driving through the countryside to get to their next destination at Lake Tekapo. BTS is known for pulling mischievous pranks and it was at a gas station that J-Hope was on the receiving end of one.

After shopping for outdoor essentials, J-Hope went back to return something he bought by accident and the other members decided to jokingly leave him behind.

When J-Hope realized what was happening, he looked genuinely affronted and constantly exclaimed his disbelief that they would do such a thing.

Bon Voyage

They went Nevis Swing & Catapult,

It was just Jin, RM, and of course Jungkook on board at first but after some convincing, J-Hope and finally, V decided to give it a try as well.

Jimin and SUGA adamantly refused, with SUGA saying there was only a 0.1% chance he would ever do it and even announced to the viewers that the time has come when BTS has finally gone insane. To everyone’s surprise, J-Hope and Jin volunteered to go first, followed by RM and V, and finally, Jungkook tracked the extra mile by doing it upside down.

V seemed to have found his courage while swinging through the air because he volunteered to do the catapult with Jungkook as well! You only live once, right? When v was doing during tieing he sad safety safety safety first.


Bon Voyage

They took choppers landed on the pristine snowy mountaintops, the excitement on all the members’ faces was contagious, especially Jimin’s, who absolutely loves snow!

SUGA immediately grabbed a taste of the untouched snow while Jungkook set about building a giant snowball. While the 95s (V and Jimin) focused on writing “ARMY” in the snow with their footprints, the other members turned Jungkook’s snowball into a snowman’s body. Jin built his head and to round off the look, RM contributed his beanie, J-Hope gave his scarf, and Yoongi gave his sunglasses.

Their final dinner

Bon Voyage

The members enjoyed home-cooked feast care of V, Jimin, and J-Hope and took a trip down memory lane with their earlier songs.

 “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas” from their pre-debut days and when Jungkook was still a sub-rapper – the shock and embarrassment on his face when his rap verse came on and the members burst into laughter at hearing his young voice!

They ended the night with another round of their favorite game UNO and it may have been their most chaotic, most extra UNO round yet. A free dinner was at stake, after all, and Jimin and V were so confident that they even bet three free dinners for the members if they lost.SUGA was the last man standing and now owes them all a free meal.

All the seasons of BTS’ Bon Voyage series are filled with a healthy dose of both side-splitting and heartwarming moments. It’s through shows like these that we are able to see a more personal and genuine side of BTS that allows us to love them beyond their visuals, music, and talent.

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