BTS, Benny Blanco, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Bad Decisions’, Army’s Reaction: ‘Is This Our Story?’

BTS is resting, but a boy group comes back with a new image every day. Ever since Snoop Dogg first mocked him, fans have been wanting to see a BTS member with the rapper. Benny Blanco made the collaboration possible as the composer sparked an inner ARMY for the single ‘Bad Decisions’ released on August 5th.

In this collaboration single, Snoop Dogg and BTS’ vocal lines Jin, Jimin, V (Kim Tae-Hyung), and Jungkook participate. In the music video, fans could see Benny Blanco embodying the role of the ARMY, eagerly waiting for BTS’ concert. In the video, Benny is a hardcore ARMY with posters all over the wall, dancing to ‘dynamite’ while practicing for a concert to be held in a few hours.

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Benny Blanco stands for ARMY in ‘Bad Decisions’

Benny bakes a purple cake for a BTS concert while making her own poster. At the end of the day, Benny finally goes to the show, but in fact, realizes that the boy group’s concert is going on the next day. In the end, Benny decides it’s best to wait at the door for the next day’s concert, mimicking what all the ARMYs often do.

The music video was released at 1 pm (12 am Korean time) on the same day and surpassed 4.5 million views in 7 hours. The lyrics video of the song will be released a day later on August 6 at 1 PM (12 AM Korean time) on BTS’ YouTube channel. Also Read: BTS J-Hope at Lollapalooza Festival, Some favorite moments of Army.

Watch BTS and Snoop Dogg’s Bad Decisions music video featuring Benny Blanco here.

‘Is this a joke about us?’

Fans reacted to ‘Bad Decisions’ by saying, “Wait, is this our story?” Another fan said “ARMY rn”. Another fan said, “HELLO??? #BadDecisionswithBTS,” he said. One fan said, “She’s 100 with the army because she’s 10 years old and she’s so pretty that makes Jungkook sick, Jimin wants her every night, and Taehyung and Jin want a kiss. Is the fckn play about us? shit. It is.” Another fan said, “#BadDecisions MV IM WEEZING is literally our story?!?” Also Read: What is Wooga Squad and who are its members? 

One fan said, “This MV is about our ARMY! This is too drug. And the song is so good. It hits the head in five seconds.” One fan said, “I read the lyrics about the wrong decision and liked it.” One fan joked, “I made Apple Music with ‘I want a man instead of the lyrics.” Another fan said, “Jimin wants a man like Om.” Another fan said, “In Apple Music, when Jimin wrote the lyrics, he said, ‘I want your love, I want a man’.

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