BTS Becoming Game Developers, Episode 1: New Project

Episode 1 of BTS became game developers aired on 26th April 2022, where they talked about the game and how the name of the game was decided and some fun moments between the members. As usual, all the members were wearing comfortable sweat-pants type clothing, except V AKA Kim Taehyung is wearing a 3-piece suit.

They started the episode with greetings and saying that they will be shooting a fun pictorial for the New Game. RM said that the game doesn’t have a name as the then name didn’t sound so good, which was GFH01 (Game For Healing 01). They also said that this game is special to them as they participated in the development process. After which JHope playfully said that they had more than 10 meetings, which was denied by the other members saying that this particular was 3rd or 4th meeting. One more thing that will be special about this game will be that the OST for this game will be made by Suga and everyone encouraged him for the same and that they are looking forward to the amazing outcome. They also showed a short video of the game which looks somewhat like candy crush with a touch of BTS and ARMY logos.

Members said that this is an open production as the game is still being developed and that the inputs are welcome from BTS, ARMYs, and users, and with this episode, they officially announced the start of that open production. With that, the initiation of step 1 was done which is the Name of the Game. For deciding the name of the game they had a Naming contest along with writing a poem. Each member started with the thinking and Suga first completed the task. So here is the list of names the members suggested –

Suga suggested – BTS-In the SEOM

Jimin suggested – Today’s Diary (with a logo)

JHope suggested – BtiSland, Go BitiBiti, and Bangga Bangga

RM suggested – ITS-In the SEOM, Bang Town, ABC (ARMY BTS Collaboration), Tanie Town

Jin suggested – Camping Camping

V suggested – Seven Trees

Jungkook suggested – Burndaegi (BTS + Chronicles)

After discussing the names they finally decided on the name for the game through voting and the final name was ‘In the SEOM with BTS’. When Suga and RM suggested the name ‘in the SEOM’ they gave an explanation for the same saying ‘in the SOOP’ and ‘in the SEOM’ both have some similarities and people may get suggestions for ‘in the SEOM’ and may look at what is the SEOM about if even they try to search for ‘in the SOOP’ which was good thinking. In the end, they showed the figurines made for the game and they have the look and outfits of their ‘Butter’ MV. Also at the end, they said that in the second episode for the next step that is how they came out with the game’s logo. Can’t believe there were these other amazing names that could have been the game’s name. Do let us know in the comment section which name you like the most.

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