BTS award speech and what they got for us in their speech

BTS has achieved another milestone in their illustrious musical career.

At the 2021 American Music Awards, the guys won ‘Artist of the Year,’ beating out Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and others.

When they made their debut on the same platform four years ago, the band members never believed “a small boy band from Korea” would win the prize, they said in their acceptance speech.

“This day has taken four years where I am able to get to the stage and win the award “added Yoongi.. “Thank you for everything you have done. We are a small Korean boy band brought together by a common passion for music and we want to do it through love, good feelings and energy. That makes it even more meaningful to us: “Broadcast music.” And performance. Army, you wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. “


Jungkook’s speech is one of the most talked-about moments since the BTS member seemed apprehensive while speaking to his fans.

“The only motive of our band and songs is to make audience happy ” he said. “We believe this honor is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, and in recent years we have learned that every moment is important.

Jungkook was unable to complete his speech, although he later confirmed his intentions via a Twitter post.

He completed his message by twitting with band’s official account , “Focus on ARMY.”



The speech given by KIM NAM JUN(RM) at the launch of generation limited, at the UN General Assembly :

“Thank you, Mr. Secretary General, UNICEF Executive Director, Excellencies and distinguished guests from across the world.

“My name is Kim Nam Jun, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS.

I soon stopped listening to my own voice and began to listen to the voices of others. No one, even myself, called out my name. My heart slowed to a halt, and my eyelids closed tightly. As a result, I, we, have all lost our names. We began to resemble ghosts.

“Their was a sanctuary out of my life and was my music. I awoke and myself and my voice said within me.”

“Perhaps I made a mistake yesterday, but the person I was yesterday is still the person I am today.” I am who I am today, flaws and all. Tomorrow, I might be a tad wiser, and that includes me. These flaws and errors are who I am, and they are the brightest stars in my life’s constellation. In these years I have learnt how I can appreciate myself for what I was, what I am and what I wanted to be.

Last but not least, I’d like to say something.

When “Love yourself” album was released and “love myself” campaign was launched , we began to hear incredible stories from our fans all across the world about how our message helped them overcome their life’s challenges and begin to love themselves.”These anecdotes serve to remind us of our responsibilities on a regular basis.

“So, let’s take one more step together.” We’ve learned to love ourselves, and now it’s time for you to “say your mind.”I have a question for all of you. What’s your given name? What makes your heart skip a beat when you think about it?

“Tell me about yourself. I’d like to hear your voice, as well as your conviction. Speak up, no matter who you are, where you came from, your skin colour, or gender identity.By speaking yourself, you can discover your name and your voice.

“My name is Kim Nam Jun, and I’m the RM of BTS.It is an incredible honor to be invited to a very important opportunity for today’s younger generation.

“Last November, BTS launched a love-my-self campaign with UNICEF, which is based on the belief that true love begins with loving yourself.” Partner with UNICEF’s #ENDviolence program to protect children around the world from violence.

“Their actions and enthusiasm have made our fans an important part of this campaign. We really have the best fans in the world!

“Thanks to the Secretary-General, UNICEF Managing Director, your excellence, and prominent guests from around the world.

“Kim Nam Jun, commonly known as RM, is the leader of the boy band BTS. It is a great honor for young people today to be invited to such a historically important event.

BTS and UNICEF Launch

“BTS and UNICEF launched the” Love My Self “campaign in November, based on our philosophy that” true love begins with loving yourself. ” world.

“Their participation and enthusiasm have made our fans an integral part of our campaign. We have the best fans in the world!

First of all, I would like to talk about myself.

“I was born in Ilsan-dong, near Seoul, South Korea. It’s a nice place for lakes, hills, and even the annual flower festival. I had a great upbringing there and was just a normal kid. “I was in awe, staring at the night sky and dreaming of a boyish fantasy. I always dreamed of becoming a superhero who saved the world.

“My heart has stopped …” says a passage at the beginning of one of our early albums. ” I was about nine or ten.

“Looking back, I began to wonder what others thought of me and began to look at myself through their eyes.” At night, I stopped looking up at the stars. I indulged in fantasy. I tried to stuff myself into a shape made by others.

“I’m a Korean artist and hip-hop idol from a little town.

“Like most individuals, I’ve made numerous errors throughout my life.I, like most individuals, have made numerous errors throughout my life.


Ques1. What is the date when BTS Acceptance speech was held?

Answer:21 November 2021.

Ques2. Where was the BTS Acceptance speech held?

Answer: Microsoft Threatre in Los Angeles.

Ques3. What was the motive of BTS behind visit at UNICEF?

Ans:BTS visited the U.N. to assist UNICEF to promote Generation Unlimited, a marketing campaign committed to teaching younger human beings and offering them vocational training.

Ques4. Who delivered the speech in UN in 2018?

Answer: Kim Nam-joon.

Ques5. What was the philosophy behind “Love my self” campaign launched by BTS and UNICEF?

Answer: True love begins with loving yourself.

Ques6. What is BTS?

Answer: Bts is a South Korean seven members band which is formed by big hit entertainment.

Ques7. When was BTS formed?

Answer: Formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013.

Ques8. Which member is the youngest in BTS?

Answer: Jeon Jungkook.

Ques9.What is the nickname of BTS?

Answer: Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boy Scouts..

Ques10. Which member plays the role of the principal singer ?

Answer: Jeon Jungkook.

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