BTS and their habits

Walk it! Talk it! BTS and their habits!

Behind the scenes, BTS, the K-pop megastars, are normal human beings like you and I. Throughout their journey as a band of 7 members, BTS has shared cute, and little surprising details about their fellow bandmates.

Be it Jimin flipping back his hair, or little Tae Tae talking in sleep. Every gesture of BTS gets ARMY’s heart-melting the way ice melts under the sunlight. Cause why not? As Olaf says, some people are just worth melting for.

Let’s find out about BTS’s, weird, yet lovable habits.

The brain of the band: RM.


BTS member V revealed that RM, aka, Kim Namjoon, snores when he’s sleeping. Jin, the elder brother even said, that RM’s snoring, feels like an earth-quack. Infant, Namjoon, himself, admitted that he brought a tool, that keeps his mouth closed when he’s sleeping. So his snores wouldn’t interrupt other member’s sleep.

IN BTS FESTA 2016, J-Hope revealed that RM often sings loudly, when he’s with his headphones on. That made other members fall into embarrassing situations. (Can totally relate to you RM!)

When feeling awkward, he often covers his mouth while talking or laughing. And he also has a habit of dancing with a straight face when he’s asked to dance. And all of his habits, just make him more adorable.

Mr. Worldwide Handsome: Jin.


All ARMY, by now are probably aware of Jin’s windshield wiper laugh, and his habit of cracking jokes every now and then.

But there’s more to the list.

Jin blinks, a lot faster than the usual rate when he’s nervous or annoyed. He doesn’t let his emotions, surface on his face, but his eyes, says it all. (“Your eyes, they tell”). Jin also has a habit of eating with a pouty face and squishy cheeks. Apart from these unique habits, as Tae Tae revealed, Jin talks and claps his hands elegantly when he’s sleeping.

Genius Suga.


The gummy bear Suga, just like other members of BTS, has habits, that make even 100 times more lovable. The way Yoongi runs is just so cute and adorable. But Jin says otherwise. For Jin, when Suga runs, he looks like a grandpa, who’s running out of breath.

And there are times when Yoongi lived up to his nickname, ‘Little Meow Meow’. Do you know Suga has the habit of purring like a cat? yes, you heard it right. Just like a cat, when Suga is relaxed, he purrs, out of habit. (That’s an extraordinary talent! He’s a genius after all!).

Besides this, Suga also possesses the quality of a cat, i.e, working all night long, and sleeping during the day. For ARMYs, Suga is an actual cat,  but in a human form.

“You’re my Hope, I’m your Hope, I’m J…Hope“.

J hope

When I look at J-Hope, it reminds me of a little golden fairy, who goes about showering pixie dust everywhere she goes. J-Hope as said by BTS members is an instant boost of serotonin. With his smile alone, he can lighten up, just about anyone’s mood. Seeing J-Hope is as rejuvenating as seeing a sun light up the sky after a pouring day.

J-Hope, our sunshine, has a cute habit of clinging on to things with two fingers when he’s extremely scared. ARMYs are crazy for Hobi’s sound effects. When Hobi is explaining something, he often makes use of different sound effects. Which is both cute and funny at the same time.

Baby Mochi: Jimin.


My heart goes about doing somersaults, every-time Jimin flicks his hair behind. And he does this way too often. Jungkook once counted how many times Jimin flicked his hair, and guess what, he did it 40 times. Now that’s a LOT!

Jimin should also, be given an award for his Flirting skills. Be it a girl or a boy, Jimin can flirt with anyone, with the habit of lip lick and hair sweeping. He’s a natural flirt, but we don’t complain about it, do we Army?

Jimin also has a habit of throwing himself all over the place when he’s laughing. And often ends up on the floor, all curled up. He’s such a fluff ball!

Gucci Boy: V


Kim Taehyung is a bit weirder than the rest. But his quirkiness is what makes his fans fall for him, a bit harder.

Out of all his habits, Taehyung’s duality is what surprises me the most. He can be all quiet and reserved one moment, and the next you’ll see him being as chaotic as 4 years old kid. Reining V isn’t anyone’s cup of Tea. He does what he does. Even if that means getting lost. Bon Voyage..remember that incident? He often goes about dropping teasers of his unreleased, which is against the company’s rules. But as long as it brings a smile to his face, who cares?

When V sleeps, he tends to sleep talk a lot. And, mind you, it’s not just murmuring. He talks loudly, and very clearly. Yes, even in his sleep. But he himself has no idea what he talks about in his sleep.

Golden Maknae: JK.


Jungkook is literally good at everything he does. He’s multi-talented,  passionate, and super attractive. But this little, cutest bunny on this planet, has habits that make you laugh as well.

When Jungkook is excited, he habitually claps his hands or starts Jumping on the spot. When they are on the stage, especially at the award shows, Jungkook goes about hiding behind his hyungs.

Jungkook goes to bed with his clothes on, but when he wakes up, somehow his clothes are everywhere else, but on him. He also revealed that he tends to clean when he’s sleeping in a more spacious place.

At times, shy Jungkook can be intimidating too. When someone is talking, Jungkook will turn his gaze on them, not looking left and right, but directly at them.

And when he does this, Jimin gets all shy and starts laughing. And so is the case with other BTS members as well.

No matter how weird BTS’ habits might be, I know one thing for sure, that their habits make them even more lovable. Their habits also remind us that they are human beings. 7 young boys, working on their dreams and accomplishing their goals.

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  1. There are the most adorable boys in the world ever. Whatever anyone says bad about them i don’t mind it’s just ok ☺️ love you BTS ☺️

  2. Every one has their own quality but maknae is the most funniest they enjoy alots but Jin and jhope also feel like a maknae becoz they are also cute and funny …. Bts are the biggest bangtan group in the world they are purest and the loviest member … But my bais is little mochi and having a flirtness in his eyes park jimin ❤️

  3. I love how you mentioned Jimin while talking about Jungkook’s habit of looking straight into one’s soul. They’re all so lovable, i CANNOT


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