BTS and Samsung Galaxy in Times Square New York

In Times Square, New York, which is called the crossroads of the world, BTS and Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Z Flip 4 caught the attention of New Yorkers.

Samsung Electronics screened the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4 X BTS’ collaboration video on 15 screens at Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, for an hour from 4 pm ET on the 10th.

This morning, after an event to announce new products, including the Galaxy Z Flip 4, in New York, they joined hands with BTS to make their first public appearance. Also Read: BTS’ Jin Attends Hunt’s VIP Premiere in Hot All Black

The video, produced in the form of a music video, is a 10-minute video that includes two Galaxy Z Flip 4 X BTS videos and a Galaxy Z Flip 4 commercial and was repeatedly screened for an hour.

BTS and Samsung

After the countdown of ’10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1′ on the billboards surrounding the three sides of Times Square, the Galaxy advertisement video came out, and among the tourists and citizens who filled the square. Some took out their cell phones and took pictures or videos.

Among the collaboration videos with BTS, the first video is titled ‘Galaxy x BTS: Unfold your world with Z Flip4│Samsung’ and is about 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. Also Read: BTS and Their Celebrity Crushes: Do you all of them?

It is a video about the experience of the main character, a BTS fan, meeting BTS in virtual time and space through Z Flip 4.

When I opened the door in the advertisement, I saw BTS ‘Oppas’ welcoming the main character in the house and on the beach, and some American women who were passing by the street also showed interest, saying, “There is BTS.”


The second video ‘Over the Horizon 2022 produced by SUGA of BTS’ expressed the moment when all BTS members had a new experience through Z Flip 4.

Member Suga participated in the arrangement of ‘Over the Horizon’, and the length is about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Also Read: Jimin’s Apartment Seized, Privacy Compromised, Army’s Worried

However, since the release of the BTS video was not known in advance on that day, the sight of fans flocking to Times Square as a group was not captured.

The video was screened not only in New York, but also at Piccadilly Circus in London, England at same time, and it will be screened at noon on the 13th at COEX in Seoul and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.


Samsung Electronics also unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in four colors, including purple, graphite, pink gold, and blue, along with a video collaboration with BTS.

Among them, “Bora Purple” is a combination of “Purple” in Korean and “Purple” in English, and Samsung Electronics plans to use this name the same worldwide. Also Read: BTS Fun Facts, Must Known For the Army!

Purple is also the color that symbolizes BTS.

Samsung Electronics introduced, “You can listen to the BGM (background music) through your smartphone by shooting the QR code of the digital outdoor advertisement at the site.”

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