BTS absent due to JIN enlisting in the military? Here’s what a South Korean Lawmaker has to say:

Whether or not Kim Seok-jin, the eldest member of BTS, enlisted in the military, was the biggest elephant in this room for the longest time. The world-famous Korean band and their company, Hybe Labels, have not dealt with an impending problem, and the fate of BTS depends on their congress.


BTS surprised fans all over the world by announcing that they were suspending group activities. In this country, which is leading the global pop culture trend with a sudden decision, the controversy about enlisting in the military has rekindled, centering on BTS, now called the world’s largest boy group. 



Military service is controversial in South Korea, as all men between the ages of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the military for about two years in an effort to defend hostile North Korea. Certain categories of men have been exempted, including men who have won medals at the Olympics or Asian Games, and classical musicians and dancers who have won first prizes. in certain competitions.

According to the law amended in 2019, globally recognized K-pop stars must be in the military until the age of 30.

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In the case of BTS, especially Jin, the eldest member of the band, the results of the deliberations at the National Assembly will change their lives forever. The band’s management company has long suggested that the seven BTS members aspire to fulfill their duties, but time is running out for Jin. The 29-year-old vocalist has deferred service for as long as she can and faces the imminent prospects of her entire career when she turns 30 in December of this year.

According to Rep. Yoon Sang-Hyeon, who proposed an amendment to include a three-week training for K-pop stars, waiting for the National Assembly’s decision was extremely stressful, which is the main reason BTS is taking a break from performances. “The members said fatigue and rest were the biggest reasons, but it was because of Jin’s enlistment,” Yoon told Reuters.


The extent to which BTS has improved Korea’s global status through ‘soft power’ should be considered when considering military service, Director Yoon said. “BTS has done what more than 1,000 diplomats should have done,” he said.

Since its debut in 2013, BTS has created a worldwide sensation with exciting hits and social campaigns to nurture the power of youth. Following the first Asian band to win Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards last year, in May, he met US President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss hate crimes targeting Asians. 

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According to a Gallup poll in April, nearly 60% of South Koreans were in favor of an exemption from military service for globally successful K-pop stars, with 33% against it.

The band and the agency avoided controversy, but in April, Jinhyeong Lee, managing director/CCO of HYBE Co Ltd, said at a press conference in Las Vegas that some band members were going through “a tough time.” “Uncertainty” Parliamentary debate. He called for a decision.

Jin, who questioned Lee’s remarks hours later, added that what Lee said reflects his views, but says he’s letting Hybe handle the matter.


Why is the band not active these days?

BTS has taken a short break because of their military practises.

Will JIN join the military service?

Yes, JIN will soon be 30 and he will be serving the nation.

Will BTS join the military in 2022?

Yes BTS will soon be joining the military in 2022.

Is BTS fit for military service?

Yes, the members have maintained themselves so whenever called they can be ready to join the service.

How many people were against the joining of BTS in the army?

According to a Gallup poll in April, nearly 60% of South Koreans were in favor of an exemption from military service for globally successful K-pop stars, with 33% against it.

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