BTS: 21st Century’s Maestro storytellers.

BTS: 21st Century’s Maestro storytellers.

“2! 3! Hello, we are, BTS.”  An ARMY can literally hear Bangtan’s voice when they read this.  Right ARMYs?

That’s the Bangtan Power. No kidding. BTS,  have the power to get you thinking ‘out of the box. They can take you on a tour of two ‘Parallel Words’, within 4-5 minutes. And who knows this better than our Detective ARMYs?  The ones who go about deciphering the secret messages, that BTS conveys through their music.

BTS aren’t just musicians, they are pro – storytellers.

BTS doesn’t only make music. They tell stories. Sometimes mythical, sometimes, real-life incidents too. If you take Music Videos of all their songs and sit down to analyze them, you’ll figure out, that they correlate to one another. From no more dreams to Fake Love, Spring Day, and Fire.  All their music videos are loaded with, what we call ‘symbolism’, in literal terms.

Symbolism is often used to convey abstract and mystical ideas. And ‘Symbolism’, is one of the most prominent themes in BTS’ Music video. Do you ever wonder what does a ‘Tiger’ in BTS’ song ‘Idol’ represents? What thoughts cross your mind when you see, Kim Taehyung, waiting at the train station, on ‘Spring Day’.

 Let’s take a little trip, and dive into BTS’ music videos.


The Tiger.

There are uncountable things that keep appearing in BTS’ music videos. And a Tiger is one of them.

RM loves writing just as much as, reading. When Namjoon was 12 years old, he wrote about the Reunification of South Korea. In which he described South Korea, being like a brave tiger. You can find the Tiger symbolism in BTS’s song, Idol. In South Korean culture, tigers symbolize power and bravery. And BTS has them both.

In 2013, when they were still teenagers, they took a decision that completely changed their lives. BTS could have decided to enjoy their life, like any of us. Instead, they decided to battle against the evils of society, such as stereotypes, criticism, and expectations. Now that, was certainly what you’d call a Brave decision.

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