BLACKPINK Pink Venom, Feel the charm of ‘Canine Dance’

BLACKPINK, a K-pop group that is active on the global stage, has returned with a new single, ‘Pink Venom’ after 1 year and 10 months, and fans are just going crazy after the return of their favorite pop band.

Blackpink held a global press conference on the undisclosed YouTube channel on the morning of the 19th, ahead of the release of the pre-released song ‘Pink Venom’ from the 2nd full-length album, and said, “We back with great music as much as you’ve been waiting. We ask for your support,” they said.

The members, who have been focusing on solo activities for a while, gathered in one place and revealed the meaning and observation points of the pre-released song and the new album ‘Born Pink’ along with their determination to work on this activity. Also Read: BTS J-Hope Lollapalooza’s Favorite Army Moments.

BLACKPINK’s Reaction To Pink Venom 

‘Pink Venom’ is a hip-hop genre song that showcases BLACKPINK’s charisma. Member Jisoo explained, “The beat that develops from the intro is a very strong song.” Regarding the meaning of the title added by adding ‘Venom’ and ‘Pink’, which means ‘poison’, Jenny said, “It is the word that best expresses the reversal charm of our group’s identity,” she added.

The members agreed that they put a lot of effort into the performance. Jennie said, “I tried hard to incorporate the keyword ‘Pink Venom’ into the dance.” Rosée said, “I prepared an attractive and fun hook choreography that fans can easily follow. I want to see you follow me soon,” she said. The members also performed the so-called ‘canine choreography’, in which the second and little fingers were pointed up..


Regarding the title of the 2nd album ‘Born Pink’, which will be released on the 16th of next month, Jenny said, “It literally means ‘We are born Black Pink and that is our essence’. I decided to call it ‘Born Pink’ because it was expressed nicely.” Also Read: Luxury BTS House in Korea, The Million-Dollar Property 

When asked if there were any new musical attempts on this album, the members were silent. Lisa said, “We tried new things while making use of our strengths.” “After listening to the single being released today, you will be able to draw the second full-length album more easily.”

BLACKPINK members have been successful in their solo careers for the past two years, concentrating on their solo activities. The members said that the alone time made them grow. Jennie said, “It was a time for us to grow together while working as a soloist (because we were working as a team).”

Rosé said, “I felt a lot of empty seats in the members while promoting as a solo artist. I realized that thinking and making decisions together, and having friends, is fun in itself. So I think I was able to make this activity even more fun.”

BLACKPINK is considered a K-pop girl group with a strong fandom abroad. Blackpink’s official YouTube channel subscribers reached 76.8 million as of the same day, the most among all artist channels in the world. In addition to the number of music video views, it is setting new records every time in various charts and album sales. Rosé said, “There can be nothing more grateful than that if the fans enjoy our new song more than the record itself.” Still, she expressed her expectations, saying, “Of course, if we can set a splendid record as much as we prepared, we will also be grateful.” Also Read: The Richest BTS Member, Army also Got Shocked!!


On the 28th (local time), Blackpink will also stand on the stage of ‘MTV VMAs’, a prestigious music awards ceremony in the United States. It is the first K-pop girl group. Lisa said, “It’s a new stage for all of us and it’s an experience, so I’m nervous, but I have high expectations.”

BLACKPINK Upcoming Tour Details

Starting from October, the world tour will be held in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, starting with Seoul. It is a very large tour with 1.5 million spectators in Dongwon. Lisa said, “I wanted to meet as many fans as possible, so the scale has grown because I want to meet as many fans as possible.” Jennie said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a tour, so I was very worried. I can’t spoil many things, so I want to say, ‘Let’s meet on the world tour’.”

The members expressed their gratitude towards the fandom ‘Blink’. Jisoo said, “I recently celebrated my 6th debut anniversary. Let’s move forward together,” she said. Rosé said, “I can’t sleep because I’m so excited that I’m meeting the fans. Thanks to you for cheering me on even in places I can’t see, it gave me strength and I’m very grateful.”


What is BLACKPINK Venom?

BLACKPINK Venom is the new comeback single of the worldwide famous K-Pop Band BLACKPINK. It is now available to stream on various platforms. The Name of the single is Pink Venom.

Is Pink Venom an Album?

No, Pink Venom is not an Album. Pink Venom is a single from BLACKPINK.

After how many years has BLACKPINK released Pink Venom?

BLACKPINK released Pink Venom after 1 year and 10 months of their break from their group career, as they were focusing on their solo careers.

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