Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Salary Per Episode is 30 Cr. Per Week

Bigg Boss and Salman Khan are the same thing. A lot of people watched the most famous reality TV show, but Sallu Bhai was the only one who could get as much attention and TRPs.

Bollywood Bhaijaan has been hosting the show since Season 4 of Bigg Boss and hasn’t looked back since. The star is perfect for the role because he knows what people want. Sallu is known to be nice to the contestants, but we’ve also seen him tell them off when they cross the line. So there’s no question that Salman Khan has a huge fan base, and there will never be another actor on Indian TV who can match his charm.


If that’s true, then the next thing to ask is how much the actor-turned-host makes from the show. Do you know how much he gets paid for each Bigg Boss episode?

The Pay Scale Unveiled: Salman Khan’s Ascension from ₹2.5 Crores to ₹8 Crores
Well, a new story going around the internet says that Salman Khan’s pay for hosting Bigg Boss has been going up over the years. The commercials are very popular, based on the numbers in the study.

The report says that for the first two seasons, Salman Khan was paid Rs 2.5 crore per show. Because of how popular the show was, Salman is said to have doubled his pay. Salman made a huge 5 crores in BB7 episodes and 5.5 crores in BB8 episodes. People say that Salman’s pay for Season 9 will be between 7 and 8 crores. For each show of BB10, the Bigg Boss host got a huge 8 crores.

Salman Khan Big Boss 17 Earning

Beyond Success: Getting Ready for Season 17

Bigg Boss OTT was a huge hit, so the show’s makers are already getting ready for the 17th season. Fans are getting more and more excited for the next exciting episode of the famous reality TV show.

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Returns with “Couples Vs Singles”

The 17th season of Bigg Boss is set to kick off on Sunday, 15 October 2023. The seasoned Bollywood actor Salman Khan will return as the charismatic host. This season’s theme, intriguingly titled “Iss baar game nahin hoga sabke liye same to same,” adds an extra layer of excitement.

The Battle Inside: Singles vs. Couples

An interesting twist is that the house will be split into two different areas: a luxury sanctuary and a less fancy area. The first one has comforts and amenities, like beds, while the second one is tough and doesn’t have any of those things. The fight between Couples and Singles looks like it will make for an exciting season.

Rumors and Laughter: Salman’s Reaction to Extravagant Salary Claims

During a press gathering, Salman Khan was asked if he would really make Rs 11 crores per episode in Season 11. He laughed it off and told the reporters to tell the show’s creators to pay him that much. However, when Endemol COO Nayak said that Salman is expensive, it made everyone wonder again!

OTT Venture: Salman Khan Set to Host the Second Season in a New Format

It’s important to note that Salman Khan is set to host the second season of Bigg Boss in an OTT style.

SeasonSalman Khan’s Pay per Show (in Crores)
3-65 (doubled due to show’s popularity)
9Estimated between 7 and 8


Big Boss 17 star Salman Khan makes ₹25 crores a week from the show per week. Because of this, Khan makes Rs12.5 crores for one episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, according to a source.

People have always been interested in how much performers in the entertainment business make and how much they charge for each episode or film. The fact that movie stars get paid a lot more than TV actors has always been commonly known. The payment gap is known. 

Lessons from Salman Khan’s Journey

People really liked Salman Khan as the host of Big Boss India, so he took over for Karan Johar for the second season of Big Boss OTT. 


Going back to the pay gap argument, one might think that an industry would be a level playing field for actors to set their own wages. However, KoiMoi’s response makes it clear that there is an order when it comes to how much actors are paid. 


As the report shows, TV actors may be the best at what they do and have worked hard to make their show the most popular and rated one, but if Bollywood actors moved into their business, their pay would never be the same. 


That being said, the opposite would not be true. This was clear when Vikrant Massey said he was paid a lot less than Deepika Padukone for the movie Chhapaak, which was directed by Meghna Gulzar.

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