Bigg Boss 17 House Photo Leaked! See the Beautiful Bigg Boss 17 Theme

Many interesting new things have been added to the house that haven’t been there before. As it stands, the winner will have the most luxurious room in the house, complete with a private bathroom complete with a spa and a big round bed with an interesting headboard. There is also a unique couch in the bedroom that looks like a palm tree.

Besides this, the contestants will have four different bedrooms instead of just one on the show. There is a room that is mostly black and white with a touch of blue. The beds and sofa chairs are striped. There is an interesting bedroom with cards on the walls, a big mask for a party, and brightly colored furniture. In another bedroom, the walls are a mix of dark and light brown, and there are mirrors over the bedheads.

In the kitchen, which is just as colorful and fancy, there is a silver stove that stands out. The dinner table is just as dramatic; it’s shaped like a carousel, but the chairs are there instead of swings.

The bathroom area is also fun and colorful, with a lion figure in the middle and a yellow couch that goes with it. It’s made to look like tents and would also have store space for the contestants. The most important living room has a big orange and beige-checked couch that is shaped like a half-circle, with a TV in the middle. There are different animal heads sticking out of the round wall behind the TV.

The garden area goes to the front door of the house, which is also shaped like a clown’s face.

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