Bigg Boss 17 contestants list: List of 5 YouTubers with photos

Bigg Boss 17, hosted by superstar Salman Khan, is set for its grand launch this weekend on October 14 ,the show on the TV will appear on from 15th October. 

When there will be different actors , influencers and yotubers competiting for next 90 to 120 days to wing the title of the show which can bring a lot of popularity and can also change the life of the individual. 

Participating in Reality Show like Bigg Boss are very few in country where it has been hosted by one the biggest star in the worl salman khan “The Tiger of Bollywood”. 

It is being said that a few names will be announced officially by the makers tomorrow and a few names will be kept under wraps to keep the excitement among fans alive. As viewers await the official list of contestants, we have the names of a few YouTubers who are reportedly confirmed to participate in Bigg Boss 17. (Below names are as per various social media pages and inside sources).

Bigg Boss 17 : Contestant List (Confirmed Yotuber)

1.Anurag Dobhal aka UK 07 Rider

Teacher-turned-YouTuber Anurag Dobhal is making connections with people who like bikes and people who work for social change.

Anurag Dobhal, also known as “The UK07 Rider,” has built a huge fan base by combining his love of travel and bikes with making videos. He motivates his fans to follow their goals.

As a person, Anurag Dobhal believes in helping people reach their goals by giving them the tools they need. Giving a kid a bike and an old lady an e-rickshaw was a kind act that has made a big difference in their lives by giving them better ways to get around and more money-making possibilities.

Even though he has won a lot of awards and praise, Anurag still gives back to the community in many ways, such as by giving money to shelters and helping poor people get medical care.

Anurag Dobhal (The UK07 Rider)'s

2.Armaan Malik and Payal Malik

Armean Malik, a YouTuber, finds a way to stay in the news. A lot of people follow him on social media. He’s best known for getting married twice. People who are married to him are Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. Both of the women live with the YouTuber and are pregnant right now. His most recent Instagram movie has been seen by millions of people. He showed the tape to his wives and told them that the woman was his third wife. He then recorded their angry reactions. The two women, on the other hand, didn’t like the joke and slammed Armaan Malik and the woman. More than two million people have seen the funny moves.

Who is Armaan Malik and Payal Malik ?

In 2011, Armaan Malik worked at a bank. He worked as a cashier at a small bank. Paital Malik worked as an account executive too. While they worked at the bank, they got close. They gave each other their phone numbers. A few days after that, they got married in court. It’s a boy named Chirayu Malik that they have together. Chirayu is also often seen in Armaan Malik’s movies.

Payal Malik 1

4.Kirti Mehra

As the highly anticipated Bigg Boss 17 inches closer to its premiere, speculations about the celebrity lineup continue to surface, adding to the excitement among netizens. The latest name to emerge is that of Kirti Mehra, ex-girlfriend of Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav. Kirti, who gained attention following Elvish’s revelation about his ‘love for someone outside the show,’ has hinted at her possible participation in Bigg Boss 17.

Kirti give Hints about Bigg Boss :

Kirti talked about a “big project” that she will show off on October 15 in a recent vlog on her YouTube account. Fans were curious about her possible role in the reality show because she kept quiet when talking about her entry.

Elvish Yadav’s ex-girlfriend Kirti Mehra to participate in Bigg Boss 17 ?? Confirmed News

Kirti Mehra

5.Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is successful in more ways than just YouTube. He built a strong profile on many social media sites with his lively and interesting personality. The name of his main YouTube account, “Harsh Beniwal,” says it all: it has an impressive 15.4 million subscribers. Over 5.9 million people follow him on Instagram, which is a huge number of fans. Harsh’s ability to connect with his followers is a big reason why his social media following has grown so quickly.

Harsh Beniwal

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