Bigg Boss 17: 10 things we don’t want Salman Khan to repeat in upcoming season

Overbearing prejudice:

We have high hopes that Salman Khan would refrain from showing preference or prejudice toward particular competitors in order to maintain a balanced and objective approach to presenting the show.

Ignoring Controversies:

It is essential that Salman solves disputes and issues within the Bigg Boss house in a fast and effective manner rather than brushing them under the rug. Salman must not ignore the controversies and difficulties.

Excessive Interference:

While direction is always welcome, it’s important to avoid disrupting the natural flow of the game by interfering too much with the dynamics of the house. It is important for Salman to keep his role in check.

Skipping Weekend Ka Vaar:

The episodes of Salman’s Weekend Ka Vaar are eagerly anticipated by viewers since they provide both insights and enjoyment. The success of the show is directly proportional to the host’s ability to maintain consistency.

Inadequate Constructive Criticism

Salman should provide the participants with constructive criticism, putting more of an emphasis on personal growth and improvement rather than merely concentrating on spectacular confrontations.

Ignoring comments from Viewers

It is essential to pay attention to the comments from the audience. It would make for a more interesting and interactive performance if Salman acknowledged and addressed the problems that were made by the audience.


Salman Khan Big Boss 17 Earning

Repetitive Format:

Instead of adhering to a format that is already established, we hope that Salman, along with the producers, will bring some unique twists and challenges in order to avoid the show from becoming stale and boring.

Insensitive Remarks

It is important to avoid making insensitive remarks or jokes that could offend contestants or viewers, hence care should be taken to avoid doing so. The event that Salman is hosting ought to maintain a courteous and welcoming atmosphere.

Limited Interaction:

Salman’s interaction with the contestants shouldn’t be limited to just Weekend Ka Vaar. This would be an unfair restriction. Interactions on a more consistent basis can provide a more comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics of the house.

Failure to Adapt:

The entertainment scene is constantly shifting, and the format of the presentation should adjust to reflect this reality. The audience’s whole experience should be improved if Salman is willing to consider and implement new ideas.

Salman Khan Big Boss 17 Earning

Contestants of Bigg Boss 17

The official list of Bigg Boss 17 contestants is yet to be released, but rumors are ablaze. Speculated participants include:

  1. Ankita Lokhande
  2. Vicky Jain
  3. Sagar Parekh
  4. Harsh Beniwal
  5. Aishwarya Sharma
  6. Neil Bhatt
  7. Jay Soni
  8. Rishabh Jaiswal
  9. Abhishek Malhan
  10. Jiya Shankar
  11. Sachin Meena
  12. Seema Haider
  13. Bebika Dhurve
  14. Sandeep Sikand
  15. Anjum Fakih
  16. Arjit Taneja
  17. Awez Darbar
  18. Anjali Arora
  19. Munawar Faruqui

The Prize Awaits: Bigg Boss 17 Grand Reward

The grand prize for the winner of Bigg Boss 17 is 50 Lakh rupees, so the risks are high. The OTT version of the show, on the other hand, had a prize of 25 Lakh dollars. The big prize makes things even more competitive in the Bigg Boss house, where things are already very competitive.


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