BTS Jimin’s recovered from Covid-19

Jimin's apartment

BIGHIT MUSIC informed that BTS member Jimin’s quarantine has concluded after surgery for acute appendicitis as of this early morning (February 5). Jimin was tested positive for COVID-19 and diagnosed with acute appendicitis on Sunday, January 30, and underwent surgery Monday, January 31. He has since received inpatient care and tested negative on his PCR … Read more

BTS Jimin Confirmed Covid Positive

Jimin's apartment

Weverse made a recent announcement that Jimin experienced sudden abdominal pain along with a mildly sore throat on January 30 in the afternoon. He visited a hospital emergency room for a thorough examination and took a PCR test. Jimin was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, He underwent surgery following physician advice early morning on Monday, January … Read more

BTS earned US$55 Million Just from Commercials in 2021

BTS Commericial Ads

While much of the world was still languishing in 2021, the BTS boys made 65 billion won (US$55.1 million) through commercials alone. McDonald’s BTS meal Remember the McDonald’s BTS meal in June last year? The world’s hottest pop group made a cool US$8.5 million from that campaign. Granted, they must split it among the seven … Read more

BTS to Serve Mandatory Military Service

BTS Military

Lee Jae-Myung, the presidential candidate of South Korea’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party Korea’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, again voiced against and questions whether to grant special favors to K-pop superstar band BTS for mandatory military service by its members. Yonhap News Agency reports that Lee was asked at a campaign event about his views on … Read more

Taekook Never Changed, Enjoying spinning around Merry-Go-Round

V Swinging

Taekook Enjoying spinning around  After spending their long vacation, BTS is back with new energy and vibe to their rituals and programs. However, their recent Instagram activities have fans believing that they are resuming work soon and that a new BTS album announcement might be coming our way soon.  On Wednesday, a new Bnagtan … Read more

Artist Made Collection ‘Show’ By BTS J-Hope

Most Famous BTS Member

The BTS Army is drooling over the BTS member’s self-designed merch which has been dropping throughout January. It has stolen and melted the hearts of the fans. The products have their personalities and styles which reflects the style and taste of respective member. Hobi’s recently released self-designed product that is ‘Hope Pot Set’ and ‘Side … Read more

BTS Reunion Super Tuna Party

BTS Biggest Controversies

On December 6, BIG HIT MUSIC released a statement that the BTS would be taking an extended vacation to spend time with their families, recharge and return in good health. This was BTS’ second such official extended period of rest since the group set an example for taking one in 2019. BTS’ members Jin, RM, … Read more

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