Sneak Peek Inside the World’s most loyal Fandom BTS Army

BTS Army

“ARMYs out there!” On June 13, BTS celebrated its 8th Anniversary, and up next is ARMY DAY. BTS Army is all around the globe. Every soul on this planet, by now, probably knows what BTS stands for, but have you ever wondered what their fandom name ARMY stands for? Well, we’ve got the best answer … Read more

BTS performs ‘Butter’ on MUSICBLOOD


After performing their latest single ‘Butter’ at the Billboard Music Awards, and Good Morning America, BTS now had Japan,  dancing to their beats. On June 18, BTS, for the first time, performed their hottest summer track, on NTV’S MUSICBLOOD, a popular Japanese Music Program. Two weeks after performing their Pre-release track ‘Film Out’, BTS is … Read more

Rise of Bangtan!

Rise of Bangtan!

Rise of Bangtan! BTS received their FIRST GRAMMY NOMINATION. BTS’ new single is sweeping the Global Charts by topping Billboard HOT 100, straight for 3 weeks. HYBE (Formally known as, BigHit Music) saw its Market Valuation, exceed 10 Trillion Won ($ 8.95 B) for the first time. BTS, a band managed by BigHit Entertainment, a … Read more

BTS and their habits


Walk it! Talk it! BTS and their habits! Behind the scenes, BTS, the K-pop megastars, are normal human beings like you and I. Throughout their journey as a band of 7 members, BTS has shared cute, and little surprising details about their fellow bandmates. Be it Jimin flipping back his hair, or little Tae Tae … Read more

RM’s ‘FESTA GIFT’ for ARMY, is here!

RM's Festa gift is here

RM’s ‘FESTA GIFT’ for ARMY, is here! As a part of their ongoing FESTA celebration, RM’s Festa gift is here BTS’ RM, released a new solo track, titled ‘Bicycle’.  RM reunited with South Korean, singer-songwriter, John Eun. The track was produced, written, and arranged by the leader himself, along with John Eun.  Previously, prior to … Read more

BTS message for India – miss you and hope to see you soon

We miss you, and hope to see you soon - bts

“We miss you, and hope to see you soon.” Here’s what BTS wants to say to their fans in India. Indian ARMYS can’t keep calm, as their dream of seeing BTS, on Indian Television comes true. Yes, once again. BTS recently wrapped up their interview with the gorgeous, Entertainment Anchor, Sakshma Srivastav. On 30 May, … Read more

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