The Most Famous BTS Member and Why

Most Famous BTS Member

The worldwide famous and the biggest band BTS is loved all over the world, but who amongst them is the most famous BTS member? If you ask ARMY who is their favorite member, they can never choose and there is a saying amongst the fandom ‘7-1 = 0’, meaning that all the members are equally … Read more

Namjooning: How To Spend Weekend


Namjooning is the name given by the BTS ARMYs to Kim Namjoon AKA RM who has the habit of taking time to explore museums and natural landscapes, to just relax or think, or to get in touch with nature on his own. On 2nd May, on reverse, an interview with RM was posted about how … Read more

BTS Becoming Game Developers, Episode 1: New Project

BTS Becoming Game Developers

Episode 1 of BTS became game developers aired on 26th April 2022, where they talked about the game and how the name of the game was decided and some fun moments between the members. As usual, all the members were wearing comfortable sweat-pants type clothing, except V AKA Kim Taehyung is wearing a 3-piece suit. … Read more

BTS Individual Songs: Trending on No. 1 List

BTS at White House

BTS as a band has always brought in success and their song ‘Butter’ which was released on July 9, 2021, charted at No. 1 for ten non-consecutive weeks on a billboard which was replaced by their own song ‘Permission to Dance’ in between. But even their individual songs have also been Number 1 on the charts … Read more

BTS Fun Facts: Must Known For the Army!

Airports posting BTS songs

BTS as in Bangtan Soneyadan a Korean boy band of 7 members, 7 normal boys who are making extraordinary records and have reached globally and won the hearts of millions. So here are some of the BTS fun facts and stories: Suga AKA Min Yoongi kept a difficult passcode for his studio so that no … Read more

Yoongi Marry Me: Never Gets Old

Yoongi marry me

ARMYs have this habit of asking every time in one way or the other to every BTS member to marry them, though it is not exactly in a serious way, and all the members react to it differently, but in a good faith. The one thing that has been constant is that in every live, … Read more

BTS Announce Their comeback: Army Can’t Keep Calm!

BTS Announce their comeback

ARMYs are ecstatic and can’t keep calm as BigHit Entertainment announced on weverse that BTS would be back with a new album on the 10th of June, 2022. Fans are still not over their old albums and songs, and their return has given them new life. With every comeback, BTS has proved that with time … Read more

BTS Recreating Some Old Memories at the Vegas Concert

BTS Concert Vegas: Permission to Dance

BTS has successfully wrapped up the first 2 days of their Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. BTS is known for its singing and many other talents, its extremely good looks, and its humble attitude. But ARMYs know and love BTS not only for this but their chaotic behavior and funny things … Read more

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