Artist Made Collection ‘Show’ By BTS J-Hope

The BTS Army is drooling over the BTS member’s self-designed merch which has been dropping throughout January. It has stolen and melted the hearts of the fans. The products have their personalities and styles which reflects the style and taste of respective member.

Hobi’s recently released self-designed product that is ‘Hope Pot Set’ and ‘Side By Side’ mini bag. The pot set represents all things hope and earthy, the bag is a nod to his fashion, icon badge of honor that he so proudly wears.

Artist Made Collection ‘Show’ By BTS is a segment where BTS introduces products designed by BTS. The products give fans a bundle of joy when they simply look at them or hold them.

Hobi first introduced his ‘Hope Pot set’. He talked about it and said, “It comes with four planters. One could grow plants of their choice in them. He tried to portray a beautiful message. Each pot has a different message.” He chose pot because he wants the army to remember him whenever they see the pot and hopes it gives off positive vibes. Also Read: BTS In The Soop, Is Season 3 Coming?

If you are intrigued by what the engraving reads, here it goes: Like a rose when it blooms like a cherry blossom when it scatters Like a morning glory when it withers Like those beautiful moments, do these lines sound familiar? Well, these are his lyrics from BTS’ song Magic Shop.

J-Hope Collection

When Hobi introduced his other product that is a ‘Side By Side’ mini bag, Jin asks him, ‘isn’t the name too long. Then Hobi shortens it to SBS mini bag. Its literal meaning is that Hobi will always stay side by you. He decided to design a bag because he often carries this type of bag with him. It’s daily use and fashionable bag. He hopes Army likes the SBS mini bag and said they are free to customize the bag on their way.

He enjoyed designing both the product and put his heart and soul into them and wishes the Army feels it in them.

In the show, model V and Jimin were ready in the unconventional pose to address the products. They appeared cute and hilarious.

BTS Army reaction


Where to buy J-Hope’s artist-made collection?

All BTS merch is exclusively released on HYBE’s Weverse Shop. The merchandise collection of J-Hope — the Side by Side Mini Bag and Hope Pot Set — will be put up on presale at the shop.

When will BTS J-Hope’s artist-made collection be released?

The self-designed merch of J-Hope will be open for preorders at the Weverse Shop on January 20 at 11:00 am Considering every member’s merchandise was sold out in under a few minutes, the rush for the rapper’s items would be similar, especially the Side by Side Mini Bag.

What is the price of J-Hope’s Side by Side Mini Bag and Hope Pot Set?

HYBE will reveal BTS J-Hope’s artist-made collection price on January 19, 11:00 am KST on the Weverse Shop.

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