BTS gives affectionate Nicknames to ARMY!

ARMY… please keep a box of tissues at hand, you might need it!

Every year, on the occasion of BTS’ FESTA, BTS writes an ARMY profile, along with cute, and heart-warming awards. This year too, BTS has prepared a little something, to get army heart-melting, straight out. BTS’ 2021 ARMY profile, has touched the hearts of not just ARMY, but those of K’pop fans, in general as well. The bond BTS and ARMY share are just out of this world. Mutual trust, love, affection, loyalty, and sacrifices, this bond, has it all. BTS and ARMY’S, cry together and laugh together. BTS is utterly proud of their fans, and so are ARMYs, proud of the band they Stan. There hasn’t been a single award show, or a performance, or an interview where BTS, didn’t mention, just how thankful they are to ARMY, which crystal clearly shows, the Septet’s love for their fans.

Time and again, BTS has said that they wouldn’t be, where they currently are,  without the help of ARMY. And well the reason why ARMY exists in the first place, is all thanks to BTS. You see, it’s a bond, of love in its purest form. A bond of love that’s just purely selfless.

bts army

BTS’ turn to Describe ARMY!


Ask an ARMY to describe BTS. Now grab a chair and sit down. Yes, pop-corns are allowed too. Now, why all this arrangement? Well, because, it’s BTS, your ARMY friend is talking about. And well, BTS, can’t be just described in a few words, can they? In fact, ARMYs would agree with me if I say, words won’t be enough to describe BTS. Am I right ARMY?


But, this time, it’s the other way round. This time it’s BTS themselves, who are in charge of describing their Precious ARMY. In the 2021 ARMY profile, BTS gave nicknames to ARMY, which showed nothing but loads of affection. ARMY, let’s check out our names together, shall we?

ARMY’S Nicknames.


RM: Eternal Companion and Friend.

(RM you are ARMY’S Youniverse.)


SUGA: The reason for Existence.

(Likewise SUGA. BTS is the reason behind why ARMY exists.)

JIN: ARMY is just ARMY, no other word can replace it!

(Forever favorite (nick) name, Mr. Worldwide Handsome!)

J-HOPE: My forever Achilles heel.

(Achilles heel is an idiom, a reference to vulnerability or weakness. It is rooted in the myth of Archilles’ mother dripping him in the River Styx, making his entire body, invulnerable, except for the part of his foot where she held him.)

JIMIN: 이삐, which means pretty.

(ARMY… Our little Mochi said you are pretty. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)

V: My Best Friend, and partner.

(“You are my soulmate.”)


(Jungkook, BTS = ARMY’S Universe.)

The whole ARMY profile is just so full of love and affection and happiness, that ARMY, if you ever forget what your worth is, please remember, that to BTS, you are utterly important. Suga even said ARMY is the reason for their existence. So remember to be kind to yourself, and LOVE YOURSELF, the way BTS loves you.BTS gives affectionate Nicknames to ARMY!


2 thoughts on “ARMY’S NICKNAME GIVEN BY BTS!!”

  1. Saranghae bts..we all love you so much..I don’t knw why but I can’t expect life without you now…

    Bts is my inspiration
    Korea is my destination
    Rm is my leader
    Jhope is my motivation
    Taehyung is my bias
    Jungkook is my crush
    Jimin is so much cute
    Suga is Lovely cat
    Jin is my wwh ..

    After meeting bts
    ❤ is💜 now
    Cookie is kookie now
    Sugar is suga now
    Mochi is mooocchhiii now
    Tea is tae now
    Bts is world now

    My motivation..I don’t knw why even you don’t knw about me..but I feel a connection with bts



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