Park Jimin from the world-famous boy band BTS is claimed to have 4 tattoos. Let’s look at Jimin’s tattoos. The very first tattoo fans got to know about was the Nevermind tattoo. The second tattoo was the number 13 which is BTS’s debut date, Jimin’s birthdate, and his favorite number too.

Jimin's nevermind Tattoo

1st tattoo “NEVERMIND”:

Is it real or fake?

Well, fans initially thought it was fake since, in its very first appearance at mama, it was shown alongside some other cake ones but as time went on and we started getting more and more claims of it from underneath Jimin’s clothes even at most random of times.

The conclusion we reached was that the NEVERMIND tattoo was indeed very real and very permanent. (Almost everyone now agrees that it is not very plausible for it to be simply a semi-permanent one since it’s been way too long of a time and all the reviews have been only accidental on Jimin’s part so far). So yes Jimin, does have a tattoo. And he is the first and only one and BTS to get one until Jungkook.

What does it mean?

The tattoo clearly says Nevermind, but what does this seemingly random word mean to Jimin. Apparently something important as he said to a fan who directly asks him during a fan sign. Since Jimin has not officially confirmed if it is real or not. So the fan is referring to the tattoo as Henna

Fan: Why did you get the Nevermind henna?

Jimin: Ah…because for me…

( A guard interrupts the conversation asking the fan to move on )

Fan: because it means a lot?

 Jimin answers by nodding his head yes.

My bet is that Nevermind is important to Jimin because it is a reference to Yoongi’s aka SUGA self-written autobiographical solo titled “Nevermind” present as an intro track in their album which talks about yoongi’s life and how his experience led him to make Nevermind his life motto. In the song, Yoongi even raps the following line Nevermind, even if it’s not easy, and engrave it on your chest. The word used there is equivalent of the English engraving or even more precisely carving and look at the font Jimin choose for the tattoo.

The font choice makes it’s so that the letters don’t simply look like they have been returned there but rather cast into his chest by hand exactly like the song says Jimin expressed his devotion by literally doing what Yoongi said in his lyrics he engraved yoongi’s life motto on his chest. Possibly the wanting it to symbolically show his willingness to make it his own live Moto as well and to leave it from then on?

Yoongi’s motto “never mind” is one board reminder of his choice to not let himself be bothered to bite the head and hardships he will face in his lifetime. For someone as sensitive, and who gets as easily hurt as Jimin it is easy to imagine that Yoongi’s way of seeing things would an incredibly fascinating. A state of mind he himself would like to achieve makes perfect sense really. The word Nevermind is in my opinion both Yoongi’s and Jimin’s motto and is often referenced in a lot of BTS works albeit very subtly. It appears for just a few seconds in the bathroom scenes of the Run MV and on the glass of the phone booth along with other famous mottos, quotes, and ways of sayings. Such as “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die for a noble cause the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one”. It can be seen for fractions of seconds projected over yoongi’s body during a MAMA VCR along with other important keywords or numbers that define have such as MinPD 930309 (his birth date), Genius lab (the name of his Studio) Agust D (his rap stage name) his name written in Chinese characters and the word addiction (a reference to his character and being addicted to cigarettes in the BTS fictional storyline).  It was hidden here and there in the pictures of the HYYH era photoshoots. And more noticeably on Jimin’s jacket that he wore in the Run music video and its following promotions. If you look closely you can also see an arrow with the words “Big love” pointing towards Nevermind a way to express fondness for the word and what it means to him.

“Nevermind even if it’s not easy engrave it on your chest”


2st tattoo “13”:

Fans first saw Jimin’s 13 tattoos when BTS made their annual comeback in V live, just hours before realizing the album Map of the Soul 7 on February 21, 2020. At one point during the live broadcast, Jimin raised his arms and revealed the “13” tattoo on his wrist. Fans saw him again during BTS’s M’ count down performance on February 27, 2020, and during Jimin’s V live on March 30, 2020. The number 13 represents all three BTS debuted dates, his birthday, and his favorite number.

Jimin hand tattoo

3rd and 4th tattoo:

At the end of BTS’s M’ count down performance on February 27, 2020 fans saw what appear to be two bandages on Jimin’s elbows. Fans first thought that Jimin got new tattoos with one on each arm. Their suspensions were confirmed after BTS live Broadcast on May 11, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Jimin has tattoos on his elbow? 

Yes, it was finally revealed in VLIVE that Jimin has tattoo in his hand that spelled out “Young Forever.”

2. Are BTS Jimin’s Tattoos real?

For a long time, army has had this huge confusion that is Jimin’s Tattoos are real or not. But it now confirmed that Jimin has 4 real tattoos till now.

3. Is Jimin’s “NEVERMIND” tattoo real?

Well, fans initially thought it was fake because of its font and other reasons, but the claims that it is a real one are getting more concrete because that tattoo was showed at most random of times and at the same position. Now the majority of the army thinks that the “NEVERMIND” tattoo is real.

4. Does BTS Jimin has a “YOUNG FOREVER” tattoo?

Yes, BTS’s Jimin has a “YOUNG FOREVER” tattoo on his elbow. 


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