Airports posting BTS songs lyrics all over the world!!

Known widely as BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan has amassed a massive following globally. Even on social media, the band is one of the most buzzed-about groups. Speculations about the popular boy band going on a world tour ignited social media as BTS Army fans couldn’t contain their excitement. This is because Airports posting BTS songs around the world.

Moreover, social media witnessed this phenomenon’s repetition as major airports began tweeting the lyrics to BTS’ songs. As rumors began to spread on social media about a potential world tour, BTS Army, as the band’s fans are famously known, became excited.

Forty airports, mainly from the US, started posting pictures of flights with the boy band tagged. Pictures were also accompanied by hashtags like #BTSArmy.

Reagan National Airport, located in Arlington, Virginia, shared a photo of an American Airlines flight and used BTS’ Airplane Pt.2 as the accompanying lyrics.

During an airplane flight over the moon, Orlando International Airport shared an amazing photo. “Moonchild, you shine,” was the caption above the photo. Moonchild is the song by BTS’s RM.

A picture of the Denver airport did not show the flight, but the whole airport. The caption mirrors the song’s lyrics, “Let’s break our plans and live like we’re golden.”.

Delhi airport in India followed suit shortly thereafter, as did most other airports around the world. “Cause I-I-I’m in the stars tonight,” stated the band while quoting a line from the hit track Dynamite.

A picture of a flight taking off next to the tower at the Atlanta airport followed next. Atlanta airport used the lyrics from Life Goes On as its caption, which states, “Like an arrow in the blue sky.”

Several other airports have joined the BTS party.

A few of these tweets were met with reactions such as “finally!”. BTS is going on a world tour”, “can’t believe my eyes… it’s happening!”, and more.

Do you agree with the activities carried out by airports in many countries?

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